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Little Bear Archaeological site
Little Bear Archaeological site
Little Bear Archaeological site

While you are at the X-Diamond Ranch, why not participate in one of the many opportunities available for hands-on fun! You don't need anything more than an interest in learning to enjoy the excitement of our Archaeological programs; everything from a tour of a thousand year old prehistoric settlement to day-excavation and even a one week field school! For information regarding our Field School, xdiamond ranchclick here.

Here's a chance to learn the way the professionals do it! Materials and both laboratory and field techniques are the same as those used in Universities throughout the Southwest. We provide all necessary equipment for your enjoyment.

Our large ruin site lies adjacent to the Little Colorado River, right on the ranch property among the foothills of the White Mountains and contains many rooms with different masonry styles. The construction of the site as well as the types of pottery found clearly indicate that the ancient people that built it occupied the area during the three hundred year period between 500-800 AD.

We offer one of the most intensive and varied archaeological programs to be found anywhere in the Southwest. Participants are encouragedto ask questions and express their interests while learning through videos, discussions and actual hands-on opportunities to excavate, stabilize, reconstruct and understand just who were the ancient peoples of the Southwest, all under the tutelage of an archaeologist. We accommodate both families and groups as well as individuals so that all can easily afford to participate according to their own vacation schedules. (Artififacts discovered at the site remain the sole property of X Diamond Ranch and may not be removedfrom the site.)

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Petroglyphs at X Diamond Ranch
X Diamond petroglyphs
Little Bear Archaeological site
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